Model Design Bathroom Tiny / Small

Wednesday, April 6th 2016. | Bathroom

Designing a home with limited size and land could be an obstacle in creating a dream home. Including when designing a bathroom fit for a small house with a limited room. But don’t worry, the size of the tiny/small bathrooms can be designed properly if we’re smart in arranging them.

Designing a small bathroom requires precision and special handling. Such is the case, sanitation, equipment and material selection on the interior of the bathroom. The initial design of the bathroom, you must determine the type of bathroom Bathroom whether it is wet or dry bathroom. If you want the bathroom to dry then wet areas should be separated. The area is dry you can use for closet and sink, while the wet area for shower and bathtub. So that does not require much space, then you must create a glass partition to separate the two areas.

Then how about bathroom tubs? For a minimalist, modern bathroom, it’s good not to use a tub bath. Bathroom tubs can also potentially places spawn larva of mosquito. But if you want a bathtub shower, then we recommend that small to be easy being drained and cleaned. You should also pay attention to the selection of materials or bathroom materials. To streamline the ideas, choose a set of ceramic tile bathroom with a specific theme. Set ceramic tiled floor covering, wall top and bottom walls. But if You want to innovate on its own, then there is no harm in You combines a mix of colors to suit Your taste and concept. Other tips in designing the bathroom tiny, namely the selection of granite. To a limited budget, choose granite tile with grout of his smooth almost invisible. In this way then your bathroom will feel clean and airy.

Note also the lighting in Your teeny bathroom. The placement of large mirrors can be a smart idea so impressed airy bathroom interiors. Bathroom fixtures such as shower heads and faucets should use material of stainless steel. The material in addition to the durable, easy also in her treatment. Even the visual appearance of your bathroom will be modern and elegant. Here we show some of the tiny bathroom models that can be used as reference material for you to design a dream bathroom.

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