Have A Delicious Dinner in A Delicate Dining Room

Friday, September 11th 2015. | Dining Room

Dining room is certainly one of the most important room to have in a house. This is the place where all family members gathering together to have a lovely dinner. The food and drink will become more tasteful if we have such a beautiful dining room. In this article, we have two designs which might be interesting to have in any homes.

Homey Dining Room

Dining Room in the United States With Orange Colors

Dining Room in the United States With Orange Colors, Source: wikipedia.org

Let’s start the first design with something cosy, friendly, and definitely homey. We can get these feelings if we place the our supper place in a room where there is a window and fireplace. The window is aimed to allow family having dinner while enjoying the food. In the meantime, the fireplace will be very helpful to warm us, especially in winter. About the decor, just find something that has classic look. For example, you can put a round wooden table along with five or six (adjust to the number of the people in the house) wooden chairs near the window. Above the table, place a traditional chandelier. Below, you place a carpet with such a light shade.

Contemporary Dining Room

Contemporary dining room has completely different look from the first design. Its appearance is much more modern or unique to be exact. Hence, everything like decor and furniture must be modern here. First, place a round table which is made of marble stone. Surround it with soft chairs and one luxurious-looking sofa. For the lighting, you can have a collection of four or five small pendant chandeliers. Put this dining set on the white furry carpet. Similar with the first one, it is better to put these whole collection near a window. As a result, family or even friends can enjoy their supper with astonishing feeling in this contemporary dining room.

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